Warner Bros Studios and Toluca Lake

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Many people rarely realize, but Toluca Lake and the Warner Bros Studios have been neighbors for nearly 85 years. Thats right. As I had mentioned before, Toluca Lake was established as just an area of land in 1893 with its first post office. But it garnered its first resident in 1931. One of the more famous first residents was Amelia Earheart. Anyways, Warner Bros Studios was actually first established in Hollywood back in 1923.


It was on Sunset Blvd. Actually the building is still there. It is whats currently known as the KTLA Channel 5 building. And yes, It was actually formed by a group of brothers. There was jack, Sam, Harry & Albert. Jack Warner was the more popular one of the bunch. In the Hollywood location they had their first big success. It was called the Jazz Singer with Al Jolson. It was also the worlds first “Talkie”. Meaning the first film with sound. Before that, everything was silent. With the success of the Jazz Singer, the Warner brothers moved in 1928 to a new and bigger location in Burbank where they are still located to this day. A 110 acres of prime real estate. So as you can see, Warner Bros and Toluca Lake started very closely together. In a way, they fed off of each other and prospered together. I think without Warner Bros, Toluca Lake wouldn’t have the celebrity mystic that it has today.

The Warner Bros Studios has been a major landmark for Toluca Lake ever since its inception. Over the years there have been some pretty interesting changes. Obviously getting into Television was one of them. At one point, even a rival studio had rented space at the Warner Bros Studios lot. Columbia Pictures had a space on the Warner Bros Studios lot for many years. Eventually Colubmia pictures was bought by Sony Pictues and finally moved out to MGM Studios in Culver City. So now its strictly Warner Bros. One tip about the Warner Bros Studios is they still offer VIP Studio Tours. For $27, you can see how the magic is made with an all back stage tour. Now if you want to get in free, there is a way. You can become an audience member at one of the sitcom tapings. For free! Just call (818) 506-0067 and see what shows are available.

If you ever decide to visit the Studios, its located at 3400 Riverside Drive, Burbank, CA. Even just driving by is fun. There are huge giant movie posters down Pass Avenue. And while your at it, take a stroll thru the homes in Toluca Lake. You never know what you may find. Click here to see current listings in Toluca Lake.