There’s something for everyone in Toluca Lake homes

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So in one of my earlier posts I mentioned how one of the many unique characteristics of Toluca Lake is that it has such a diverse selection of homes in a wide range of price ranges. Today I’ll try to break down the different areas visually with the use of a map of Toluca Lake just to give you an idea that there is something for everyone in Toluca Lake.

Here we have a map outlining the heart of Toluca Lake. I have color coded the different sections of homes based on price range.

The largest area as you can see is the orange section. That is comprised mostly of smaller middle class homes starting at 500K and up. some of them are also condos in the upper left corner. So there is large variety of homes in this price range and a very nice selection indeed.

Going up from that would be the purple section. This area is filled with homes starting at 750K-800K and up. The lower range being at the top and the higher range being at the bottom. The lower sections is more expensive because you are farther away form Riverside Dr plus you are that much closer to the golf course. One of the most sought after areas to live in is along Valley Spring Lane because your front door view is the Golf Course. Plus early in the morning, you can smell the fresh cut grass. Its very soothing.

Next up would be the fuchsia section, also known as Toluca Estates. This is a private road community which means its very quiet and great for kids to play because of so few cars. Another interesting fact is that the homes address start from 1 to about 30 so all the address are no more than 2 digits.
Ok, so before I get to the last two top areas of Toluca Lake, I want to point out the yellow section. Just incase these ranges are getting a little too high, keep in mind there are actually apartments to be found in the very heart of Toluca Lake. Yep. This is not well known at all. Plus, there the the charming free standing kind that people love and adore. So there really is something for everyone.

Ok, so the second to last section would, ironically, is the green section. It’s ironic because its not the highest range but its on the lake. It does come very very close but there are just some homes that are higher priced then the ones on the lake. These range in the 2-10 million dollar range. The 2 top homes are near that letter A pin drop actually.

So the final section of this whirlwind of homes is the red section. Mainly due to the massively large lots available because its not a normal square block. It’s in this section that stars like Henry Winkler, Andy Garcia and Miley cyrus live in. Homes here reach about 16 million plus and the back yards speak for themselves. Filled with guest houses, huge pools and lawns big enough to play golf on. Who owns the biggest plot of land in Toluca Lake? Bob Hope of course. He was one of the very first residents of Toluca Lake back in the 1930’s so he got in on a good deal I’m sure.

So there you have it folks. There something for everyone in Toluca Lake.