The Charm and Elegance of Toluca Lake

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One of the unique features of Toluca Lake is that it offers a bit of elegance and bit of charm all in the same location. It hosts some of the most beautiful homes found in all of Los Angeles. Many of them have been published in Vanity Fair and aired on HGTV. Some homes can cost over 10 million dollars where as others can cost less than one million. Its one of those unique area that offers a wide variety of homes. Not only in price, but in square footage as well.

The following picture is good example of that. You can see how the surrounding homes compare to the large home at top. This is quintessential Toluca Lake.

For amenities and locations, at the top of list for elegance is the Lakeside Golf Club. It has been a focal point landmark for Toluca Lake since 1925. Below is another prime example of Toluca Lake. Here you stand at the edge of the Lakeside Golf Club and look past the lake at the homes of its residents.

Another very charming location in Toluca Lake is the Falcon Theater.

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Its a 130 seat theater and was founded by Garry Marshall back in 1997. There are also some elegant eateries like the Smoke House located down he street form the Lakeside Golf club. Also a very charming and a rarity in Los Angeles in the independently owned Priscilla’s Coffee House. And finally, one of the most charming things about Toluca Lake is its Christmas parade that performs on Christmas Eve.

Also Toluca Lake hosts an open house of all the shops along Riverside Dr. for all the residents to come out and enjoy. These are just some of the events that take place in Toluca Lake and definitely adds to it’s personality and charm.