Gems near homes in Studio City

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Hi Folks,
Well today I’d like to talk about some of the real precious Gems that can be found near homes in Studio City. Everyone knows of Studio City for being famouse for their Homes in Studio City and… Well.. the Studios of course.


There is CBS Studios . They have multiple location in Studio City. One of the most exciting areas of Studio City tho, is its Shopping areas. Shopping on Ventura Blvd is a shoppers paradise. There are blocks and blocks of major shops as well as niche independent shops. Your really can spend the whole day walking up and down the Blvd and sampling some of the best things a shopping district has to offer. From restaurants to clothing boutiques. One of my favorite and unique places to get a quick bit to eat is called The Counter located at 12117 Ventura Boulevard. . What makes them unique is its a place were you can make very own custom burger. You can choose the meat, the weight, there are 5 types of buns, 8 types of cheeses, 20 types of sauces and 15 types of toppings. It’s incredible. There are so many combinations, its staggering. Oh, and how would you like to try an Apple Pie milk shake. Yep. They make everything themselves. So stop by if you really wanna try something unique.

Well I have so many more locations to share with you, so until next time, take a stroll thru Studio City. You never know, you may find yourself passing by your dream homes in studio city.