Facts & Landmarks near homes in Studio City II

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So for this installment for Facts & Landmarks near homes in Studio City, I would like to share a few of my favorites. Did you know that Studio City used to be called Rancho Ex-Mission. It was name studio city cause someone by the name of Mack Sennett build a new studio on 20 acres of land. Everything else seemed to follow. I mean it makes sense that it would be name because of a studio and everything was built around it since so many residents work in film and TV. Ya know, its almost like Studio City is as if you combined Hollywood, Beverly Hills and a touch of Melrose and this is what you get. That’s amazing! Boy I love this city. Who wouldn’t?!?

Remember how in my last article was mentioned how the Brady Bunch house in located in Studio City? Well thats not the only film house. There is also the very house used in the hit TV show Malcolm in the Middle. It’s located at 12334 Cantura St. Ah, but there is one more. Also the house that was used in the very classic and very beloved Gidget starring the darling Annette Funicello . Its located at Hortense and Beeman. Oh and one last one is from the TV show Scrubs. Do you remember the Sacred Heart. That! What was located in Stduio City. Don’t you love movie trivia?