Facts & Landmarks near homes in Studio City III

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So lets get right back in to it shall we? I’d like to talk about some of my more unique and hidden favorite landmarks of mine near the homes in Studio City. The first one, and also very memorable one on is the good ol’ Studio City Movie Theater. This place was such a pivotal landmark for me growing up in Studio City. It really completed Studio City in my opinion. With it, you could go out on a Saturday night and go shopping, have dinner and then go see a movie and then go out for drinks later. It really made a night out on the town all within Studio City possible. But by the powers that be, it was for some reason sold to BookStar and turned into a Book Store. Why this is, I have no idea. I mean, movies on timeless. We will always watch movies. How can a movie theater in such a prime location not succeed?? It was the only movie theater too so it wasn’t like there was any competition. But you know what? I bet you all the money it the world that the movie theater will come back. You know why? Cause book stores are slowly becoming obsolete. Think about it. Most people are either ordering books on Amazon.com or downloading books on their Amazon Kindle or Apple iPad and its a growing market. Lets hope so because this is one landmark that definitely needs to come back!