Facts & Landmarks near Homes in Studio City IV

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So I am back again to talk to you about a subject very important to me and I think to most of you as well and that is Education and its districts near homes in studio city. To me it is an utmost priority. So what are your school options for you child or even for yourself when living in Studio City? Well lets take a look shall we?

First of all, Studio City is part of the Los Angeles Unified School District. So when it comes to public school options you have the following. The best and most hight sought after elementary schools is the Carpenter Avenue Elementary School. It is very famous and one of the best and safest schools out there in the entire LAUSD. It is also a Charter School. It was established in 1924 so it has a long history of excellence. You can’t find a better elementary school anywhere else in Los Angeles in my opinion. Other public school options are Colfax Charter Elementary School, Rio Vista Elementary School, Walter Reed Middle School and North Hollywood High.

Then there are private school. Your private school options are Cambell Hall . It can’t be beat and get this, they are doubling their campus as we speak. There is a huge construction project going on right now at Cambell Hall. Bigger, state of the art class room, Indoor sport facilities. You name it! You thought Cambell Hall was great before? Well its gonna get way better and position itself as the premiere private high school in all of Los Angeles county. Other private school options are Oakwood Elementary School, Harvard Westlake School and Bridges Academy. Oakwood is a very interesting school. I would almost consider it a magnet school cause it is very artistic driven. And Harvard Westlake is a very prestigious school as well.

So you have several excellent options for education when living in studio City. From public to private. Its amazing how so much is packed in to this amazing city.