Some of the top locations for homes in Studio City

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Hi everyone. Well first off I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Today I would like to talk about a few locations in Studio City that are excellent to live in. What’s so interesting about Studio City is that a large portion is on flat land and another large portion is in the hills. The hills can be accessed different ways and I am going to talk about that today.

There are 3 ways to enter the hills of Studio City. The main way is through Laurel Canyon and turning on either Fryman Road or Dona Pegita before you hit Mullholland. Fryman Road is not as twisty as the other location and the road doesn’t get as steep. Also, the houses are more set into a canyon then on an edge of a hill side so the views are very different. You do get access to certain areas like the Betty B Dearing Trail which is part of Fryman Canyon Park that all of the residents living in homes in studio city get access too. Living off of Laurel Canyon gives you quick access to West Hollywood as well.

The second way would be going through Coldwater Canyon between Ventura Blvd and Mulholland. A lot of homes in Studio City off of Coldwater are on the hill side and get excellent views. Also Coldwater gives you quick access to Beverly Hills.

The third way to enter the hills of Studio City is right off Ventura Blvd. If you go west down Ventura Blvd from Laurel Canyon, you will hit Laurel Terrace Dr. From there you will make a left up into the hills. Because if you go right, its Whitsett Ave. Anyways, so once you go up Laurel Terrace Dr, it will split into Laurel Terrace Dr. and Sunswept Dr. Go right onto Sunswept Dr. and there it will take you up into the hills rather quickly. A part of the drive is actually very scenic because as you drive up and go through the twists and turns, you will soon drive along the mountain side and see the incredible views that local residents enjoy every single day. So that’s an excellent area if you want a home with views of Studio city.