Events and Must Do’s near homes in Studio City II

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Welcome back to my second installment of “Events and Must Do’s near homes in Studio City”. As I said in my last post I have few more must do’s and events within Studio City. So lets get to it shall we?

First up is something I think everyone enjoys any day of the week and that is shopping! Studio City is an outstanding place to take the day off and stroll up and down Ventura Blvd. and shop to your hearts content. Were talking almost a mile long of shopping. Talk about shop till you drop. From furniture, clothing of course, jewelry, music stores to antiques. Its all there. You won’t be disappointed! Here are two very good resources for finding your favorite shops. One is from one of the best sites out there, Yelp. They have a Studio City shopping section here. Another very good resource is Studio City’s Chamber of Commerce site and there members list found here.

Next up is an event that is held 4 times a year and has been for the last 25 years! It’s practically a Studio City tradition so its a must see. That is the Art Fair. You can expect to see about 140 independent artists selling original works for all types of art lovers. The show has been a great success for years. It usually see’s about 5,000 visitors each time. Its held at Moorpark Park located at the intersection of Laurel Canyon and Moorpark from 10AM – 5PM. What’s even better then supporting independent artists? A good portion of the proceeds go to numerous charities for different causes. Its kinda like one of those win win situations. Everyone makes out on top.

Last but certainly not least is the one and only Studio City Farmers Market held every Sunday morning on Ventura Place from 8am – 1pm. If you’ve never been to a Farmers Market then this is a must do! Without questions. Any Farmers Market is a must do really. Its the only place were you get everything fresh and direct from local farms. From produce to products like soaps, lotions, oils, jewelry and more. Flowers and baked goods. You name it. Its there, fresh and direct so you are always gonna get the best price.

Well these are some of the top must do’s in Studio City. So when your considering finding homes in Studio City, just remember that your not only going to find an outstanding home, but also and outstanding community!