Things to do in Sherman Oaks

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Hi there!
Well today I would love to talk about some of the fun places to visit and events to attend in wonderful Sherman Oaks, California. What a city this is. It has such a strong history in the San Fernando Valley and it’s really becoming one of the best locations in L.A. to live in. Especially with all the notoriety current celebrity residents are bringing to this city such as Christian Bale, Shia LaBeouf and Jennifer Aniston. But more on that later! Today I wanna share with you some of the fun things there are to do when becoming a resident of Sherman Oaks. Probably one of the biggest landmarks in Sherman Oaks is the Galleria.  It was originally built way back in 1980 by Douglas Emmett. It was wildly popular in the 80’s and it was a filming location to several films such as  Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Commando starring Arnold Achwarzenegger. Unfortunately it was severally damaged in 1994’s Northridge earth quake but was rebuilt entirely from the ground up making it one of the most architecturally stylized malls in Los Angeles. It is beautiful. There is of course lots of shopping and movies theaters, plus a huge fitness center. There is also live  entertainment including Summer concerts in its beautiful court yard. What makes it so unique is that it offers an amazing balance between being an indoor and outdoor mall.


Now just right down the street from the Galleria is another long time landmark that has provided entertainment for families since the 80’s as well and that is Sherman Oaks Castle Park.  This place has it all. Batting cages, arcades, games, party panning and most of all, one of the top miniature golf courses around. The grounds of this place are outstanding. There are 3 courses to choose from, each with 18 holes. The obstacles are some of the best around and the landscaping is a treasure all its own.

Next up we have the Sherman Oaks Chamber Street Fair.  


One of the largest Fair’s in the entire San Fernando valley attracting more than 80,000 visitor each year! This thing is huge! Its so big that is has events most fair’s don’t. Aside from offering amazing food from all over the world,  there is 2 stages with live entertainment, kids attractions and last but not least, it’s own car show! You can easily spend the entire day here. Another location unique to Sherman Oaks is The Village. Its host to small boutiques, plazas and specialty shops that you can’t find anywhere else. Not to mention top rated restaurants offering authentic foods from around the world. It really is an eclectic collection of destinations.

Well that will do it for this week. Next up, I will discuss some of the top locations in Sherman Oaks to live in and help give you some ideas of where to look when buying a new home in Sherman Oaks!