Welcome to Encino, California!

Encino is one of those fantastic hidden gems of Los Angeles. There is a lot more to Encino than most people realize. Its has a interesting history as well. It was first established way back in 1845. Before that, It was a piece of land given to Mission Indians. At the time, Encino was actually called Rancho Los Encinos which stood for Ranch of the Evergreens.


Neighboring cities to Encino are Trazana and Sherman oaks and Ventura Blvd acts has its connecting line. Its populations recorded back in 2000 is approximately 40,000. The biggest industry that dominates the ares is the Health Care industry. Its not a popular place for the entertainment industry. Leave that up to Hollywood I guess. The only major Entertainment companies with a headquarters in Encino is Enoki Films.


Encino has and excellent Educational sector. Both public and Private. Here is a list of public schools in the Area. Something important to consider for every family.

For Public Elementary there is:

Emelita Elementary School
Encino Elementary School
Lanai Road Elementary School
Hesby Oaks School

For Public Middle Schools there is:

Mulholland Middle School
Portola Middle School
Hesby Oaks School

And for Public High Schools there is:

Birmingham High School
Reseda High School

There is also a Magnet School called the Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies.
For the private schools, there are the following to consider:

Children’s Community School,
Los Encinos School,
The Learning Center Foundation
Valley Beth Shalom Day School,
St.Cyril of Jerusalem School
Westmark School
Holy Martyrs Armenian High School[23]
Crespi Carmelite High School, and
Our Lady of Grace.

So there are plenty of options for children’s education which makes Encino and ideal city for families with children.

Encino is also home to one of the biggest parks in Los Angeles. The Los Encino State Historic Park is 5 acres in size! That’s a big park. It even has a pond and natural springs. Very zen. Then there is the Sepulveda Dam Recreation Area. There is a sport it is famous for that people would never guess. At least in Los Angeles. Cricket! Yes Cricket. Since 1888, it has hosted several events for Cricket in Los Angeles for many stars and tournaments. Its the place where the history of the game Cricket has really been set for the city of Los Angeles. But it doesn’t end there. Another sport that Encino is very well established in is Golf. There is the Encino Golf Course as well as the Balboa golf course. Combining these two courses, there are a total of 36 holes to play. And these aren’t just plain and simple courses. You can’t forget the facilities and amenities they offer from its banquet rooms to lounges and a restaurant. Then there is also the Balboa Sports complex which is also in Encino. It hosts a plethora of activities with its baseball diamond, outdoor basketball courts, indoor basketball courts, community room, a football field, handball, soccer field, tennis courts, volleyball courts and even a Gymnasium! This place is amazing and a real asset to any city. Other places worth mentioning is the off-leash dog park and Sepulveda Gardens spanning across 16 acres. So be ready to be inspired.

A city with an excellent selection of schools in its diverse educational district and lots of choices for parks and recreation, its no wonder people are taken by Encino once they discover this hidden gem of Los Angeles.
In my next post, I’ll talk about its high end real estate backed by its extensive list of celebrity residents.