Top 10 Home Improvements that Add Value

February 23, 2023

  1. Enhance Curb Appeal
    The simplest rule to follow when doing home improvement projects is to consider what can be seen and worked on first. Curb appeal is one of the primary determining factors for potential buyers. Appearance is paramount in terms of sale price. It could be time for some quick garage door repairs or replacement, or for some new siding for your home, you can reach out to a neighborhood siding company.
  2. Increase The Property’s Footprint
    The size and living space of a home is one of the primary factors in both appraised value as well as the resale price a home will fetch when listed for sale. If you have an unfinished space in your home that can be converted into finished living space, start there. Finishing a space is less expensive than a room addition. In addition, if you have a new space or new room, you may consider installing an HVAC system with the help of an HVAC technician for a more comfortable space or area.
  3. Update Bathrooms
    If your home has out of date bathrooms, then updating them is likely to be a good investment to increase the resale value. You can change your bathroom plumbing fixtures. Most buyers are attracted to a home with modern, spacious and up to date bathrooms. 
  4. Update The Kitchen
    Updating an older kitchen will increase the resale value of a property. You can cut costs by refinishing cabinets. Other elements would be installing new appliances, stone countertops and flooring and repairing or improving the lighting in your kitchen. 
  5. Increase Storage Space
    The majority of house buyers today want plenty of room to store things like a vacuum, bedding, toys, etc. Anything you can do to increase the amount of space and functional storage capacity of your home will help add resale value and is often less expensive than major renovations, repairs or room addition projects.
  6. Add A Garage
    If your home does not have a garage, adding one can be another good investment to increase resale value; especially if you live in an area where on street parking is not available. You can also add an electric car charger.
  7. Fix Any Major Faults
    If your home has an older roof, wiring, heating and air conditioning system, water heater or other major component that is either at or past its useful life, then you almost have no choice but to replace. And before you get one of those appliances, ensure to collect adequate knowledge on what you’re buying. For one thing, not replacing major components will lead to the perception of deferred maintenance and may need emergency electrical services or furnace installation and repair.
  8. Paint, Redecorate and Repair The Interior and Exterior
    Be sure to use neutral colors when repainting your home’s interior. You can also check out some interior painting tips. Remember that interior decoration is very personal and future owners may not like any bright shades you may have used, or the prospect of struggling to paint over them. If you need roofing contractors, your local residential roofer can provide expert Metal Roof Restoration System services.
  9. Improve Outdoor Space
    Adding a porch, deck or patio is largely dependent on geography. Deck and patio contractors will design and construct a perfect addition to your backyard. This can be a very good investment and is generally less costly than adding interior living space.
  10. Replace Windows
    if your home has unsightly windows, or windows made of aluminum or wood, replacing them with glazed windows will increase both the exterior appeal and energy efficiency of your home.

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