Sports and Recreation Near Homes in Studio City

May 8, 2023

So today I thought I would talk about what exciting things there are to do in Studio City by category and I thought I would start this series off for all the sports and recreation fans out there. Sometimes we wanna get in shape and look our best and other times it’s just plain old fun and we all have our favorite sport that is a must-do on a regular basis. It's amazing how much variety that is offered right in Studio City. Don’t you worry, you won't have to drive far for these activities. So let's get right to it, shall we?

First up is for all the Golf and Tennis fans out there. I am combining those two because Studio City is home to Weddington Golf & Tennis. A premiere spot for both sports that have been called home to Studio City for over 50 years. Let’s start with the Golf side. You have your choice of either stalls or golf courses. From 7 AM to 11 PM, there are 24 stalls in total and you have a choice between a small, medium, or large bucket to play from. Prices range from $5 for a small, $8.25 for a medium and $11 for a large. Stalls are a great way for newcomers who are just starting in this wonderful sport and are just learning the basics, to the experienced player who is trying to perfect that swing. It's for everyone! Next, there is the golf course. A par 3 9-hole golf course to be exact! With elevated greens and tight fairways, there is a challenge for all levels. It's a place for aspiring pros as well as family outings. Next up is Tennis! There are a total of 16 tennis courts to choose from. Yes, 16! And there are a lot of choices in how to utilize them. Whether it be just family fun or taking part in one of the specialized cliniques, a private lesson, or even partaking in one of the tournaments. There is so much to offer. From 7 am to 10 pm on weekdays and 7 am to midnight on weekends, their hourly rates range from $11 to $19. Oh, and can’t forget about the Tennis Camp for the youngsters. A great way to introduce such a wonderful sport to the kids.

Next up, Bowling! Not far from Weddington Golf & Tennis, is Pinz.
After just completing its 2 million dollar renovation, Pinz is a premiere bowling location in Los Angeles. There is so much this place has to offer. First up of course is the bowling. 32 lanes in total. Some of the key features are Runner lights on all lanes, an automatic scoring system on 32″ monitors and 3D graphics, and multiple 9.5-foot screens. Plus there are daytime Leagues as well as evening Leagues broken up by Ladies, Seniors, and Junior Leagues. Other offerings at Pinz is the arcade that holds 40 state-of-the-art games, plus air hockey and billiards. In addition, there is a VIP billiard room with a capacity of 45 people. There are 2 billiard tables, a plasma TV and lots of couches to relax on. Then there is Guys North, AKA The Club at Pinz. It's a 10,000-square-foot facility great for a variety of events from small parties to large banquets, wrap parties or holiday parties, charity events, company events or corporate parties, and everything in between. Features also include full-service catering, a full-service bar, screen rooms with multiple screens, a new DJ booth stage and dance floor, and state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment. Then there is Shake Rattle & Bowl. Where dancing and blowing combine. With hits playing on the state-of-the-art sound system and disco balls and laser lights lighting up the place. This happens on weekdays and weekend nights. And if you're in a large group, you can reserve your lanes for this event.

So that is just 2 prime locations in Studio City for the tennis player, golfer, and bowler. These facilities are some of the best in Los Angeles. Next week we will cover additional recreational locations in Studio City. This city just has so much to offer!

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