So Where is Toluca Lake?

October 13, 2022

That's what most people say when they hear Toluca Lake. It's one of those cities that has been under the radar for so long in Los Angeles. Yet some of the biggest celebrities live there. And that might be why. Cause it is under the radar. It has one of the most concentrations of celebrations than any other city in Los Angeles.

Not only do celebrities like to live there, but they like to work there as well. It is one of the top neighborhoods used in film and television. Especially commercials. There is a charm to the homes and neighborhoods in Toluca Lake that is very rarely seen in Los Angeles.

So what are some of the things that make Toluca Lake so special? Well, aside from having one of the most picturesque neighborhoods, another is, well its very name. There is an actual lake that the residents live on. Again, another rarity in any Los Angeles Neighborhood. And it doesn’t stop there. Another unique quality of Toluca Lake is that it has its own Country Club golf course. It was said that one of Toluca Lakes' most notable celebrities, Bob Hope, moved there in the 1930s and he was the driving force to build the golf course. Other interesting landmark that I will go into more detail are some of its Landmarks like the famous Bob’s Big Boy restaurant. It's the oldest one still standing in America. It was built in 1949! There is also the Falcon Theater which hosts several plays a year. As well as Priscilla, one of the best independent coffee shops in Los Angeles.

So stay tuned next week when we dive deep into the culture, history, landmarks, and events of Toluca Lake!

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