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Riverwalk Sports Complex and Weddington Golf & Tennis

January 10, 2023

This Thursday, January 12 at 7 pm the Studio City Neighborhood Council will be holding a meeting to discuss the environmental effects of the proposed Riverwalk Sports Complex that would be built upon the current location of Weddington Golf & Tennis. You can participate by Zoom or Phone at the information below.
Zoom Meeting Online or By Telephone
Meeting ID: 971 9876 2934
Or dial (669) 900-6833 to Join the Meeting
Then Enter This Webinar ID: 971 9876 2934 and Press # Zoom Meeting Online or By Telephone
If this is the first time you have heard about this project, allow me to share some details about it. So the Weddington Golf & Tennis is a 16-acre golf, where fans can bet on golfers like those on that Betting Shop Near Me, and tennis park is situated in the heart of Studio City and Harvard-Westlake paid over 40 million dollars to purchase the land and turn it into a sports complex.
Well, this has caused a backlash from Studio City residents. There are concerns about this complex and this meeting is to discuss the negative environmental effects this complex could cause such as noise, traffic, light pollution, and PFAS. What are PFAS? These are also known as forever chemicals because they stay in your body forever. And why this is a concern? because the sports complex will be using about 4 acres of astro turf which contains PFAS for the football field and soccer field.
Also, the river is lined with River Park Greenway which I partook in donating mature trees to for its opening ceremony.
So if you are concerned, then please partake in the Neighborhood Council meeting this Thursday to voice your opinion.
The goal is to preserve the park as a permanent natural landmark for all to enjoy.

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