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Restaurants New and Old Around Toluca Lake Part 3

March 2, 2024

So today I’m gonna share with you the most historical restaurant thats been part of Toluca Lake culture for over 50 years. And that is the one and only Bob’s Big Boy Restaurant located at 4211 Riverside Drive. It was built in 1949 by two gentlemen, Scott MacDonald and Ward Albert. Who actually were also local residents. It was originally designed as a car hop where you would eat in your car and the food was brought too you. This kinda thing was popular in the 50’s similar to drive in movie theaters. Eventually the car hop service was remove and they added a drive thru service instead. But fear not, the car hop service was not totally removed.

One of the gems of Bob’s Big Boy is every weekend, they host a classic car show. And on some of these weekends, they have the car hop service. If you like classic cars then this is a must see. Beautiful Chevy’s and Fords and Hot Rods, you name. All the cars are on display and you can talk to the owners. Even Jay Leno shows up sometimes. Its a very casual relaxed setting and a nice treat to take part in before or after your meal. You can read more about the event here.

Road Kings & Bob’s welcome West Coast Customs 1

And by the way, the food is wonderful. After so many years, they still retain that classic quality in their food. Burgers are excellent. Even breakfast is great. And the fact they are open 24 hours makes it convenient any time.

Many celebrities have visited this location. Even the Beatles! They ate there during their 1965 US Tour. Their is even a plaque at the booth they sat in which is appropriately named ‘The Beatles Booth’.

Bob’s Big Boy is right across the street from the Garry Marshall Theater so its a perfect place to have dinner at before the show and maybe have dessert and coffee afterwards.

Thru the years, Bob’s Big Boy has been updated but still retains is visual appearance. And dont worry, its not going anywhere. It was designated as a California Point of Historical Interest in 1993 and its been preserved as a historical landmark. So if you are ever in the neighborhood and only had time to visit one restaurant , this is it.

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