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Gems near homes in Studio City

August 12, 2023

Well today I’d like to talk about some of the real precious Gems that can be found near homes in Studio City. Everyone knows of Studio City for being famous for their Homes in Studio City and… Well.. the Studios of course. There is CBS Studios . They have multiple locations in Studio City. Speaking of multiple, did you know the the lot was owned by multiple studios? It was always CBS. It was originally a silent film studio owned by Mack Sennett. But it then changed hands multiple times to other studios such as Mascot Pictures, Monogram Pictures and Republic Pictures which ironically specialized in B-movies. And during that same period it was where Roy RogersGene Autry and John Wayne got their first break into film. After Republic Pictures it was Revue Productions and Universal but in 1963, CBS became the only lease of the lot.

Since Viacom and CBS had merged into Paramount Global, the lot was sold off in 2021. Regardless, the history of film and TV will always be remembered in that location. The list is truly TV/Film royalty. Below is a little gallery of shows filmed there.


One of the most exciting areas of Studio City tho, is its Shopping areas. Shopping on Ventura Blvd is a shoppers paradise. There are blocks and blocks of major shops as well as niche independent shops. Your really can spend the whole day walking up and down the Blvd and sampling some of the best things a shopping district has to offer. From restaurants to clothing boutiques.

Well I have so many more locations to share with you, so until next time, take a stroll thru Studio City. You never know, you may find yourself passing by your dream homes in studio city.

By for now!

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