Facts & Landmarks Near Homes in Studio City I

July 7, 2022

Hey everyone, Tammy Jerome here again. I thought I would share some interesting facts about Studio City. First of all, it covers 7 square miles of land. That is a lot of space for full of a lot of things. It really packs one serious punch in just 7 miles of land when you compare it to Sherman Oaks which is 8 square miles but it doesn't nearly have the charm, elegance, and fun factor as Studio City. Next, as of 2008, its population was counted at 37,000 residents. In comparison, Sherman Oaks has 52,000 residents. So Sherman Oaks is bigger by only one mile and has 13000 more residents. So not only does Studio City have more to do, in less space but not nearly as overcrowded as Sherman Oaks. I think now you're starting to see why I love Studio City so much. Studio City's main zip code is 91604. Do you know any others? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Some of its most famous Landmarks are for one, it is where the house was used for the exterior shots for the hit TV show The Brady Bunch. It’s located at 1164 Morning Glory Circle in Studio City. I love seeing it in person since I was a huge fan of the Brady Bunch. Now if I could only see the Munster's house.

Another hidden gem of a landmark is the Los Angeles River Walk. It's one of the most sought-after streets to live on cause close to a flow of water and is an excellent are to go for that morning walk or jog or even just stroll with a loved one. And it really keeps the noisy traffic away from your home. It's one of the quietest streets in Studio City aside from being in the Hills. It's a real gem of an area!

Well, I have more landmarks to talk about and I will post those up tomorrow in part II of this series.

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