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Celebrities in Toluca Lake 2021

April 8, 2021

Toluca Lake has a long history of celebrity residents dating all the way back to the 1930’s. And well why not. Its secluded in a way because the back side of Toluca Lake is shielded by the Toluca Lake Country Club and thats another reason, it has its own Country Club. Also how many places in LA can you actually live on a lake. You get the idea. Over the years celebrities have come and gone. Here are few notable changes.

Henry Winkler had lived in Toluca Lake for over 30 years, but he decided to move on. But luckily for Toluca Lake, another celebrity had moved in, with the help of movers such as that Edmonton moving company, and that was Andy Garcia.

Steve Carell recently moved to Toluca Lake and boy did he. He didn’t just buy another house, he built a brand new house from the ground up and it is stunning.

Miley Cirus had moved out of Toluca Lake but interestingly enough, if she had stayed, should would have been neighbors with Steve Carell.

As many of you are aware, Bob Hope, probably one the most well known celebrities to reside in Toluca Lake, had passed away many years ago. What did happen recently year was that his house was finally sold. It was the largest lot in Toluca Lake, so big that they are breaking up just the back yard alone in to 3 additional homes. It was huge.

And if you are Disney fan, an estate sale in Toluca Lake happened just this week of Disney Legend Harry P. Archinal. You can read more about it and see the ended estate sale here.

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