8 Best Golf Courses Near Studio City

May 16, 2024

Studio City is more than a hub for entertainment; it’s also a golfer’s paradise with easy access to some of the finest golf courses in Los Angeles. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a newcomer to the sport, the area around Studio City offers a variety of challenging and beautifully maintained courses. Here is a guide to the top golf courses near Studio City, perfect for anyone looking to hit the greens in style.

1. Lakeside Golf Club

Lakeside Golf Club, located just a short drive from Studio City, is one of the most exclusive and well-regarded golf clubs in the area. With a history dating back to 1924, this private club boasts a meticulously maintained course designed by Max Behr. Known for its tight fairways and challenging greens, Lakeside offers a classic golfing experience in a lush, park-like setting. Membership is by invitation only, ensuring that the club maintains its serene and private atmosphere.

2. Roosevelt Golf Course

For those looking for a public course, Roosevelt Golf Course presents a charming and affordable option. Nestled in Griffith Park and offering stunning views of the Los Angeles cityscape and the Hollywood sign, this 9-hole course provides a relaxed yet challenging game for golfers of all skill levels. The course is known for its hilly terrain and small greens, making it a perfect spot for a quick, enjoyable round.

3. Wilson & Harding Golf Courses

The Wilson and Harding courses, also located within the expansive Griffith Park, are two of the most popular public golf courses in Los Angeles. These 18-hole courses are known for their historic design and beautiful natural settings. Both courses have hosted several major amateur events and offer a balanced challenge for both beginners and experienced players alike. With spacious fairways and large greens, Wilson and Harding are ideal for those looking to enjoy a leisurely day of golf.

4. Balboa Golf Course

Balboa Golf Course is another gem within the Encino area, not far from Studio City. This 18-hole course is part of the Sepulveda Dam Recreation Area and features wide fairways and large greens. It’s particularly suited for mid to high handicappers looking to improve their game in a forgiving environment. The course also offers night lighting for late play, making it a versatile option for those with busy schedules.

5. Woodley Lakes Golf Course

Woodley Lakes Golf Course, designed by Ray Goates, is known for its links-style layout with minimal elevation change, making it accessible for golfers of all abilities. Water hazards feature prominently in its design, providing both a challenge and a scenic diversion. This course is also located in the Sepulveda Basin and offers golfers the chance to experience wide, open fairways that are forgiving yet challenging.

6. Van Nuys Golf Course

Just a short drive from Studio City, the Van Nuys Golf Course offers two distinct playing options: a 9-hole par-3 course and an 18-hole pitch-and-putt course. This facility is perfect for beginners or those looking to refine their short game. The courses are well-maintained and provide a relaxed, friendly environment, ideal for family outings or a quick practice session.

7. DeBell Golf Club

Located in the hills of Burbank, DeBell Golf Club offers a variety of terrain that challenges players at every skill level. This 18-hole course is known for its narrow fairways and natural hazards, set against the backdrop of beautiful, rugged mountains. DeBell also includes a clubhouse, a golf shop, and training facilities, making it a comprehensive golfing destination.

8. Los Feliz Golf Course

Los Feliz Golf Course is a favorite among local celebrities and offers a quick and enjoyable 9-hole, par-3 course experience. Famous for its appearance in the movie "Swingers," this course is perfect for those looking for a casual round or newcomers wanting to practice their short game. The course’s central location and affordable rates make it a popular choice for a spontaneous day of golf.

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These golf courses near Studio City offer a variety of experiences, from challenging 18-hole layouts to more casual par-3 options. Whether you are a serious golfer or just looking for a fun day out, there is something for everyone in this golfer’s haven.

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