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7 Tips to Make a Small Room Look Larger

March 23, 2022

Let there be Light
It all starts with light. Lighting evokes space, while darkness constrains and hides it. First, use all the natural lighting you can. Don’t block off windows with heavy or dark curtains or furniture. Instead, frame your furniture around the windows and other appropriate lighting fixtures. A bright room always feels more airy. Let the natural light in – open up those blinds and drapes. However, if you still want privacy that blinds and drapes give you, you can opt for a window film and also get the pros of natural light.

De – Clutter
Get rid of it! For larger cleaning projects, you can purchase dump trucks, but for most people, this just means packing up about half of the miscellaneous objects scattered around the house. It will probably look a little empty to you, but it will only look like more space. Pre-pack and the bonus is you get a great head start and you wont be lugging all sorts of extra unnecessary “stuff” with you in the next space. Instead, you could shift some furniture from indoors into your backyard as use it as outdoor furniture. 

An airy, clean room will always feel bigger than a dusty, stale one. So with that in mind, do a thorough cleaning job, getting into all those overlooked areas like corners, fans and lights, behind furniture, and the tops of shelves. Looking for a way to spruce up your home? Any little carpet stains, nicks in the walls, or bits of dirt and dust will draw eyes away from the open space and into the dirty details. 

Paint with Light colors
Use light colors in your home. Your walls, floors and ceilings are most important because they take up a lot of space. For maximum impact, your walls and ceiling should be a neutral, bright shade that radiates light. Have a look here to see the what shade of color suits the ambience. A paint job will make a world of a difference; choose lighter & softer colors which will make the room feel larger.

Mirror Magic
It’s a classic trick, but it’s still around because it works. Make sure there is a large mirror in the bathroom, which is likely the smallest room in the house. Mirrors create the illusion of a bigger space.

Choose versatile pieces
Reduce the amount of furniture in rooms that look cluttered. Less furniture means more space. Then, look at your floor space. You want open arrangements that don’t block off space. Boxy areas reduce traffic flow and impede movement. By increasing flow, you can make your house look bigger.

Ditch the drapes
Dark curtains and drapes block the eyes from seeing outside and automatically create a sense of enclosure. This way your space will look simpler and much more open. Consider shutters, sheer curtains, or use a bar that extends beyond your window frames so you can fully expose your windows whenever you like.

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